Open Air Photobooth

A full self-service production with space enough to capture group shots. Our digital SLR camera will capture your poses and photos will print in seconds. Most of all, it’s more affordable than your traditional photobooth! All you need is to provide us with a 5 x 8 space and electrical outlet, we’ll do the rest!  – Like us on FaceBook to see past events of printed images!

Personalized Monogram

Place your name in bright lights in your banquet room floor or even the wall.  Also known in the industry as ‘gobo’ which was derived from “Go Between” or “Goes Between Optics” a physical template placed in front of a lighting source used to control the shape of the emitted light.


Up Lighting

LED light fixtures are used to enhance your venue’s decor.  Choose from a single static color or multi-changing colors to enhance the look of your banquet room.

Low Lying Fog

The reaction of combining hot water and dry ice creates an impressive white cloud on your entire dance floor creating a unique visual effect emulating you are floating on clouds during your first dance or any other event you desire.

Flat Screen TVs

Your choice of 43′ or 60′ screens to enhance any of your existing packages.  They are mounted on tower up to 9 ft.